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Lent Draws Nigh March 8, 2011

Filed under: Religion,Saving Money — Katie.Sewell @ 3:11 pm

It is Fat Tuesday. At this time of year, I get thrown into a panic because I have not thoroughly thought through what it is that I am going to be giving up, or sacrificing, for lent. Not that I have to put a TON of thought into it, but I do want to think about it a little. I mean, c’mon. Jesus died on the cross for us. I can at least think for 5 minutes about what sacrifices I am going to make for 40 days.

I made my final decision this morning.

  1. Meat – We have been doing this on alternating years. I am pretty sure we gave up meat last year, but hey, why not every year? It gets easier every year, so it is not so much of a sacrifice anymore as it would seem. If anyone else does this, be sure not to make the mistake we did our first year. We gave up meat and replaced it with cheese. BAD IDEA. Don’t do it.
  2. Soda – I love soda (or “pop”). Very much. Pop is not good for you. Period. I am going to try to do without. I have not given this one up since I was 12, so I give myself one week before I go into spastic episodes and bounce off my office walls.
  3. I am not going to purchase anything that is not absolutely necessary. I realize that food is a gray area. Do you really NEED cheesy popcorn? In the end, my guilt will get the best of me and I will stay away from food items that I consider to be “splurge” items. Other things, though, are very cut and dry. Do I need new clothes? Certainly not. Do I need that candle I have been eyeballing? Nope. It is going to be tough. I am an impulse buyer through and through.

I will be chronicling my experiences here. If I am lucky, I will be able to carry some things, like the soda and impulse purchases through past lent.

So there you are. Lent – I am ready for you. Give me your worst.


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