Save a Penny, Save the Earth

Saving money is something everyone wants to do, but by saving money, you can also save your mother (the Earth) in the process!

2-Week Update March 24, 2011

Filed under: Ramblings — Katie.Sewell @ 9:17 am

So lent has been in full swing for about 2 weeks now. I have not started missing meat yet, but I have been reminded how having meat makes meal-planning easier. Soda, on the other hand, I MISS. I miss having a coke in the afternoon as a quick pick-me-up. I love you, tea, but you just are not cutting it.

In terms of not spending money on things I don’t need. I miss that too, but when I saw how much $$ I had in my checking account, I realized that I didn’t miss it THAT much. I was able to put more money into our savings account, which we will need if we move or whatever.

Today at the gym I decided that ellipticals and walking on a track is just not cutting it.  I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I need to run again. I am going to spend my saved money on a really good pair of shoes and hope that shoes help my hip issues. Done. I WILL have a runner’s body again. I don’t care what it costs! The health benefits more than make up for it in the long run. (haha… pun intended)


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