Save a Penny, Save the Earth

Saving money is something everyone wants to do, but by saving money, you can also save your mother (the Earth) in the process!

Musings September 27, 2013

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Stack Of CashBack in June, I took a new job in Lincoln, Nebraska. That meant that my family uprooted itself and moved. The job that I took pays less than my previous one, but we are much happier being closer to family, which was important with our 1.5 year old son.  With a new, tighter budget. I have been inventing new ways of saving money.

First , the basics.

  • Soap – Rather than purchase luxurious body wash, I opted for a $1.74 bar of soap from Yardley. It is AMAZING. It is paraben and sulfate free and smells amazing. Plus, the packaging is from 100% recycled material and is, itself 100% recycleable. I highly recommend. I only saved about $2-3 because I don’t buy expensive soap anyways, but you know the old saying.
  • Food – always a conundrum. We love to buy organic, but with the super-tight budget, we have been having to weigh our options. We still only buy organic when it comes to the “Dirty Dozen.” If we can’t afford it, we don’t get it. Luckily, since it is a great season for buying fresh food, we don’t run into the problem very often. Outside of produce, we have just been buying store-brand instead of fancy stuff. We pretty much were doing that anyways because I am a cheap person. With most things, you cannot tell the difference. Seriously, why get the fancy stuff?
  • Laundry Detergent – With our new water, we have found that our Soapnuts are not as effective. Also, I did notice a residue buildup. I am not sure if it is because we now have someone who is ALWAYS filthy, but I have had to change our soap. I still use soapnuts once in a while, but when I have a really dirty load, I opt for this homemade soap recipe. She even has a version for cloth diapers that works wonders.
  • Utilities – I am always looking for a way to save money here. We have a giant electric bill to cover from when the temperature was unbearably hot, but now that fall is here, I look forward to having the windows open all the time. Hooray! Heat will come up shortly, I am sure, but hopefully we can all just layer the clothes and keep the temp down. In terms of phones, I was shopping around this summer for a good data deal. Turns out, that does not really exist. I love my smartphone, so that was an area I was not willing to negotiate. I was please to find out that I could save $10 per month by routing my Sprint account through the University here and pay the University. Again, a penny saved… it adds up.

Any other good, money-saving suggestions? Feel free to share in the comments!


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